The Perfect Moka Espresso
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You don’t need fancy equipment to brew the perfect cup of espresso. This book shows you how to create excellent espressos, cappuccinos and lattes with the Bialetti Brikka moka pot. It’s the missing manual for this temperamental little Italian coffee machine.

In a sense this moka pot needs to be ‘tamed’. Following the instructions in this extensive guide you’ll definitely be able to handle this very special stove top coffee pot.

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The book is also a great introduction into the world of coffee brewing. Whether you’re thinking of buying an espresso machine later on or just stick to the moka pot, it will provide you with all the basics to get started. With a Brikka you can experiment and get a sense of what you like in a coffee. Which coffee beans taste good, the effects of various grind sizes or which roasts you prefer…

In detail moka pot and coffee lover Bert Boschman shows you how to get optimum results with just a simple machine.
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(or Check out the Dutch edition)