Pump up your coffee

I love this! Attaching a bicycle pump to your moka pot to pump up the pressure. I really gotta try this one time.

The Presta is a valve you can build into your moka pot. It will transform it into a serious espresso machine. At least, that’s what its inventor Luuk van Grieken, a lawyer from Melbourne with Dutch ancestors, claims.

You replace the safety valve from the pot with the Presta valve, which is pretty similar to the valve you’ll find on the inner tube of your bicycle tyre. You pour hot water into the reservoir and instead of putting it on a stove, you put pressure on it by using your bicycle pump. This should give you a nice espresso with thick crema on top. Van Grieken claims that with a pressure of approximately 130 psi (9 bar) it will provide an extraction of about 20 to 30 seconds. The same as a professional espresso machine!

According to Van Grieken, you should only use a Moka Express, because that’s what he has tested the Presta with. I think I’ll give it a shot soon, using an old Bialetti Brikka. After all, this moka pot is even more solid than the Moka Express so it should be able to handle the pressure (safety goggles on).

via www.zohlab.com/presta