Tiamo hand coffee grinder

Today I received my new Tiamo hand coffee grinder (with a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans). As far as I can see this grinder is identical to the Kyocera CM-50 and the Hario Skerton grinder. But as the Tiamo was about €10 cheaper I decided to order this one. And I got a free bag of beans with it. Seemed like a good deal!

What immediately strikes me is that it takes a very long time to grind my beans. I’m used to an old PeDe grinder that is a lot faster, but also a lot coarser. That’s why I purchased this Tiamo grinder. And indeed, very fine grounds come out of it. I have no experience with electrical grinders, so I can’t compare with those. But I feel I need to adjust the grind size of the Tiamo set to very coarse to have a nice cup of espresso with my mokapot.

A video with the Hario coffee grinder: