LoFi cappuccino

For a while I’ve been looking for a cheap way to make a decent cappuccino at home. I have used this little Italian coffee pot on camping trips but never thought of it as a coffee maker for in my kitchen. It’s not an ‘espresso machine’ but hey, such equipment is about 100 times more expensive! I tried different coffee beans and noticed that makes a big difference.

And then, making the milk foam… I’ve used a whisk before, but that didn’t really work. Although some friends of mine like it that way: that’s what we call ‘koffie verkeerd’ (‘wrong coffee’) in the Netherlands. It is similar to a Spanish Cortado.

But a small battery charged milk frother works perfect. You can get one for about €0,80 at this Swedish Home Warehouse.

I heat the milk in a pan and pour it into a milk jug. Put the milk frother in and let it spin for a minute. Let the milk swirl in the jug and tap it on the kitchen counter to eliminate any air bubbles. Pour it it into your mokapot coffee and voilá!

My lofi cappuccino. Lovely!