Pump up your coffee

I love this! Attaching a bicycle pump to your moka pot to pump up the pressure. I really gotta try this one time.

The Presta is a valve you can build into your moka pot. It will transform it into a serious espresso machine. At least, that’s what its inventor Luuk van Grieken, a lawyer from Melbourne with Dutch ancestors, claims.

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Tiamo hand coffee grinder

Today I received my new Tiamo hand coffee grinder (with a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans). As far as I can see this grinder is identical to the Kyocera CM-50 and the Hario Skerton grinder. But as the Tiamo was about €10 cheaper I decided to order this one. And I got a free bag of beans with it. Seemed like a good deal!

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LoFi cappuccino

For a while I’ve been looking for a cheap way to make a decent cappuccino at home. I have used this little Italian coffee pot on camping trips but never thought of it as a coffee maker for in my kitchen. It’s not an ‘espresso machine’ but hey, such equipment is about 100 times more expensive! I tried different coffee beans and noticed that makes a big difference.

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